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Thermalball can be used ambient, warm or cool to help provide pain relief from a variety ailments.


Professionals use Thermalball as an extension of the hands for acupressure and deep tissue massage. The “tacky” feeling encasement improves contact with the skin and conforms to the underlying muscle structure, increasing the therapeutic effect relative to the exertion expended. 


Cryo (Cold) Therapy 55º-68º F 

Constricts blood vessels and encourages the lymphatic system to clear fluids and damaged tissue by-products. Swelling is reduced and an analgesic effect is produced. 


Heat Therapy 104º-112º F 

Increases blood flow and relaxes muscle fibers while a rolling motion gently stretches sore muscles. 


Room Temperature Therapy 

Instead of using the thumbs, the tactile surface allows practitioners to concentrate on intimate muscle and fiber stretching. Offers healing pressure for both practitioner and client. 



Discover pain relief associated with sciatica, headaches, arthritis, heel spurs, carpal tunnel, lower back, shoulder pain and more. A suitable replacement for hot or cold pack treatments.

Red Thermalball

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