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Nurture clean skin with this amazing device. Use the power of vibrations to enhance your skin care routine. The device vibrates at 33,000 Hz to wiggle impurities out of your skin. With this state of the art technology, your skin looks and feels cleaner than ever.


Exfoliate without chemicals or sensitivity using an ultrasonic skin scrubber.  Reveal fresh and clear skin with the Ultrasonic Scrub Device.


Cleanse Deep

This product is ideal to use for:
• Clogged pores
• Excess oil
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Dull skin tone
• Polluted skin
• Dry, flaky skin
• Uneven texture

Achieve the skin of your dreams using advanced technology!

It addresses common skin concerns with its blood flow enhancing vibrations.


Easy to Clean and Maintain

The ZAQ’s Ultrasonic Scrub Device cleans with soap, water, and oil. There’s no brushes or discs to clean.


To get started using it, simply wet your face and apply a cleanser. Be sure to remove all make up prior to powering on. Tilt the Nova at a 45 degree angle on the parts of your face you want to clean. When you’re done using it, clean the head of the device and charge it for its next use.


Cleaning Mode

Cleanse the skin for clear pores
1. Remove protection cap, and power on using the button. press the power to enter default cleaning mode, which is indicated with a blue light.
2. The Ion (-/+) powers on by holding both sides of the Ion Conductor with your hand.
3. Wet face with clean water, and apply your favorite toner or cleanser. Use the sonic head according to the directions in the user manual.


Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula

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